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Entre Nous: The Goosefoot Chronicles, a fictionalied memoir by Lydia Riantee Rand   Entre Nous

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308 pages. Paper.

Lydia Riantee Rand's fictionalized memoir, Entre Nous: The Goosefoot Chronicles, weaves a magic spell that shimmers between fact and fiction, past and present, the living and the dead. Told with amazing clarity and insight through the perceptions and voices of six family members, the tale unfolds to reveal the rich tapestry of a family rooted firmly in the ancient past by myth and folklore and the concepts of honor and duty, good and evil, love and hate. Slowly we come to understand that it is important to pass these myths and stories along from generation to generation in order to preserve the family's identity and sense of place in the world. As the patriarch, Giovanni, puts it, "I need to tell [these stories] to you so our myths won't be lost."